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Customs clearance of vehicles

Import and export of vehicles, special equipment, spare parts and components.

Customs clearance of vehicles, special equipment, yachts, helicopters, aircraft, additional equipment, spare parts and components has been one of the priority areas of the INTRANSLINE St. Petersburg group of companies since 2006.

The vast experience in this area allows us to tackle the most difficult problems that sometimes are beyond the power of our “colleagues in the shop”.


We also offer export clearance and delivery of luxury passenger cars to China..

Organization of procurement, delivery and customs clearance of import / export / transit:

  • Warehouse equipment, hydraulic lifts
  • Additional and attached equipment, including hydraulic manipulators, hydraulic breakers, buckets, etc.
  • Components (chassis, swap body, etc.) New and used spare parts (frames, cabins, etc.)
  • Cars
  • Commercial trucks (tractors and semitrailers of all types)
  • Specialized, construction, road, agricultural, forestry equipment (forwarders, harvesters)
  • Buses, minibuses
  • Cottages on wheels, campers
  • Motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, scooters
  • Airplanes, helicopters
  • Boats, boats, yachts

Customs clearance as a process implies not only communication with customs authorities and filing a declaration, but also knowledge of a large number of "pitfalls" that can be encountered during the customs clearance procedure. We can say with confidence that with the help of the specialists of the Intransline St. Petersburg Group of Companies, our clients are able to significantly reduce financial and time costs. The main task of the Intransline St. Petersburg group of companies is to free the client from the need to solve the whole range of issues related to customs clearance and logistics of import, export and transit cargo.


Working with us you get:

  • Large base of European suppliers
  • Organization of the procurement process, drafting contracts, consulting foreign economic activity
  • Delivery from anywhere in the world, any size
  • Customs clearance with minimal costs in the shortest possible time
  • Customs clearance in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan
  • Certification, expertise, SBKTS, OTTS, etc.
  • Logistics, delivery to the warehouse throughout the Russian Federation
  • Financial, legal and accounting support of all foreign trade transactions
Customs clearance of vehicles
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