FEA services
In St. Petersburg

Documents for filing of DT

1. Invoice (original).

2. Packing list (original).

3. Purchase order (copy, if issued ) .

4. Contract with changes, add. agreements, applications, specifications (a copy certified by the seal and signature of the head + MS Word ) .

5. Passport of the transaction or Unique Number of the contract registration in the currency control (copy, if issued).

6. Certificate or Declaration of Conformity, certificate of origin (notarized, or a copy, but upon request you will need to provide notarized (if required according to the TN VED code) ) .

7. Documents for transportation and loading and unloading operations (contracts, applications, invoices, certificates of completion) (depending on the terms of delivery).

8. Insurance policy (depending on the terms of delivery ).

9. Application for transfer, certificate of currency transactions, swift, certified by the bank (in case of prepayment).

10. Seller's price list (public offer) (certified copy + translation (upon request).

11. Export declaration of the country of departure (certified copy + translation (upon request).

12. Payment order for customs payments (copy).

13. Technical documentation (copy certified by the seal and signature of the manager).